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April 26, 2006


 To all Skeptics and Non Believers:

 I was not familiar with Ashiatsu until Erin explained the technique. Even then I was not convinced if I was interested or if it sounded pleasurable? Reluctantly, I succumbed to Erin’s enthusiasm for her new practice and thought that I could at least assist her in recouping the expenses she incurred with the training. I soon realized that the session was not a trial “pity” session at all… The pleasure was all mine! I had no idea how she would start or what she would do? Moments into the session I realized that she was onto something that I really enjoyed. I was lying face down and she was seated at the top of my head. Her feet straddled each shoulder and she pressed firmly on top of each shoulder with the arch of her feet providing a stretch that I had never had during a manual (hand) massage. She then extended her legs and used the ball of her feet to press down the length of my shoulder all the way down to my lower back muscles. Words cannot describe the sensation. After the initial realization that she was using her feet I became was lost in the relaxation and could not comprehend how she was doing it. She made a smooth transition from her seated position to standing above my back facing my head. She held on to ceiling bars and performed a ballet on my back. Her feet performed very fluid and graceful motions on my back. She has the strength of downward leg pressure and larger surface area of her feet to provide deep tissue massage that is not possible with traditional massage using her hands. She gracefully pushes from the bars and presses with legs and feet to push the limits of deep tissue massage. She presses her feet into the shoulder blades slowly until they were relaxed enough to separate the shoulder. Tension and stress are released with these fluid movements. The Gluts and legs were even better than the back!!!

Each Ashiatsu session has gotten better. Erin’s technique and strokes have broadened so much that now there are variations with each session. I thought that I would alternate hand and feet massage sessions, but it has become difficult not to choose Ashiatsu. I would recommend an Ashiatsu session with Erin to anyone that truly enjoys a deep tissue massage.


P.S. Erin’s personality and spirit are always a pleasure to be around!




D. Beam

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